Team Consulting

The Mind of the Athlete staff consults with teams and athletic programs across the country. Our sports psychologists will collaborate with the coaching staff to assess team needs and develop a customized program to fit the team’s specific needs, performance goals, and budget.


Our consultation model includes educating athletes about the mental aspects of performance and equipping them with strategies to thrive in an increasingly competitive sports environment. We also work closely with coaches on maximizing the coach-player relationship and addressing ongoing concerns that may arise throughout the course of a season. A typical team consulting package includes: team educational sessions, small group sessions, one-on-one meetings with players, ongoing consultation with the coaching staff, consultation with athletic trainers and other relevant sports medicine staff, and meetings with the athletic director. All athletes are connected with sport psychology resources, access via phone and email to their team’s sport psychologist, and priority time slots for additional one-on-one coaching sessions if needed.

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