Mind of the Athlete® Program

The Mind of the Athlete® Program is an innovative way of passing on sports psychology to athletes. Contained on one simple flash drive, The Program is loaded with 16 videos, 16 worksheets, and 10 CDs which are easily transferred onto athletes’ computers and phones allowing for quick access to all material during the many hours of travel to and from sporting events. Parents are encouraged to view these videos with their sons or daughters and to process the material together. Furthermore, coaches are invited to share this material with their whole team on a weekly basis, in the locker room, on the bus ride, or whenever time presents itself. The more well-versed athletes, coaches, and parents become with the 10 hours of sports psychology content found in the Mind of the Athlete® Program, the better the athlete’s performance will become. 

DVDs include the following topics: Sleep, How the Mind Works, Emotional Energy Management, Performance Curve, Confidence, Positive Thinking, Rehabbing From an Injury, Psychology of Health, 5 Hurdles, Misguided Tensions, Vision, Motivation, Depression, Reassurance, Trauma & Drama, and Visualization for Relaxation.mind of the athlete program

CDs include the following topics: Mental Endurance, Mental Strength, The #1 Factor in Performance: Sleep, The 5 Hurdles: How Athletes Fall and Can Rise Again, How the Mind Works, Mind of the Coach I, Mind of the Coach II, Mind of the Parent I, Mind of the Parent II, and Visualization for Relaxation.

The Mind of the Athlete Program is time efficient, technologically relevant, and easy to use. Just plug and play. The Program is yours for $995.00. Now is the time to start developing the mental side of your game!  

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