Our Mind of the Athlete team is now accepting clients for one-on-one coaching sessions.  These sessions can be conducted in person at our Bethlehem, PA office or via phone/facetime/Skype.  Session fees vary depending upon each clinician's rate. Out of network health insurance may be applicable for reimbursement for our psychologists and counselors. Call us to schedule an appointment at 610.867.7770 or email the professional you'd like to directly connect with on our team.


jarrod spencer For those clients interested in working directly with Dr. Jarrod Spencer, he only accepts clients through the Mind of the Athlete Coaching Plus+ Program. This program includes a combination of 7 customized one-on-one coaching sessions either in person or by phone/skype and the Mind of the Athlete Program, a 10-hour comprehensive video, audio, and worksheet curriculum for use between sessions.  Each athlete is encouraged to work on the videos, worksheets, and CD content relevant to their personal concerns discussed during session.  The Plus+ Program also includes a t-shirt, wristband, and journal.

The Mind of the Athlete Coaching Plus+ Program fee is $2,995.00.  Out of network health insurance may be applicable for a portion of this fee. Contact Dr. Jarrod directly at


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