Mind of the Athlete® Academy

Through the Mind of the Athlete® Academy, Dr. Jarrod Spencer will come to your school three times each year for four years to deliver educational sports psychology speeches to athletes and coaches.  Each season Dr. Spencer will speak to the student-athletes and coaches, host a meeting with the Athletic Director, host a meeting with the Principal, and facilitate a round table question and answer session for the coaches. Athletic departments can tailor the logistics of these campus visits. Along with these twelve visits over the four years, your school will begin utilizing the Mind of the Athlete Program which consists of 10+ hours of video, audio, and worksheet resources.  The fee for rolling out the Mind of the Athlete Academy at your school is $31,000 (plus travel expenses). 

The Mind of the Athlete® Academy Speaking Curriculum


First Year:

Mind of the Athlete®: The key to better performance in athletics and academics is having a clearer mind.  This program explains a model of how the mind works.  It also provides a five-step process to gaining a clearer mind.

Sleep: The #1 factor in performance is sleep. Drawing upon a wealth of research in medicine, psychology, and sports, this program explains the psychology of sleep. Athletes learn practical skills to improve the quality of sleep. 

The 5 Hurdles: Athletes often underperform due to Anxiety, Insomnia, Low Energy Levels, Misguided Tensions, and/or Loneliness.  This program teaches athletes how to avoid being tripped up by these 5 hurdles, as well as how to rise again. 

Second Year:

Performance Anxiety: Managing nervousness before any competition is essential for optimal performance. This program explains the physiology of performance anxiety and teaches psychological skills to modulate the fight-or-flight response.

Leadership: A hallmark trait of leadership is how a leader interacts with those around him/her.  This speech unpacks the Leadership Legacy Principle: it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. It teaches 7 best practice skills that effective leaders utilize to convey humility, convern for others and assertive communication. 

Emotional Energy Management: Performance is directly linked to the amount of emotional energy we have.  This program teaches us ways to conserve energy, restore our energy, and optimize our energy for better performance.

Third Year:

Communication: Good communication skills are the foundation of effective interpersonal success. Where technology has de-emphasized face-to-face communication, this program helps teammates to develop solid one-on-one verbal skills.

Positive Thinking: The hallmark of resiliency in sports is the ability to think positively while under stress. We will develop this skill by identifying individual negative thinking patterns and cultivating mantras for individuals and teams.

Healthier Relationships: Interpersonal tensions can often be a significant stress for athletes and even hinder performance. This program educates athletes on both warning signs of unhealthy relationships and ways to cultivate healthier ones.

 Fourth Year:

Better Choices: Underlying higher risk behaviors (substance abuse, hazing, and acts of aggression) are often moments of poor judgment.  This program fosters ways to improve decision-making by understanding how the mind works best.

Teamwork: The ability to work well together toward a common goal is the essence of teamwork. This program examines psychological aspects of winning teams.  Each team will develop their lists of their Vision, Values, and Variables.

Confidence: Confidence is a byproduct of positive experiences. This program fosters individual confidence by teaching athletes how to mentally reframe their performance through a more positive analysis.

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