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Sports are emotional. Mind of the Athlete, LLC exists to improve the emotional health of athletes. We believe there is so much more potential within athletes. The problem is this potential is often blocked by limitations of the mind. We unlock that potential by equipping athletes with sports psychology content, resources, and skills.

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Dr. Spencer is excited to make available to you his new book, Mind of the Athlete®: Clearer Mind, Better Performance. This inspiring book teaches readers how the mind of an athlete works best.  Readers will also learn ways to improve sleep, decrease anxiety, raise emotional energy, and clear out their preconscious mind.  This book is a must read for all athletes, parents, and coaches! Click here to order your copy now!

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We are passionate about improving athletes' emotional health and performance. 

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Meet Dr. Megan Cannon

Our Dr. Megan Cannon was featured on ESPN's Sports Center explaining the sports psychology of the NBA Finals.

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Mind of the Athlete Program

The Program is loaded with 16 videos, 16 worksheets, and 10 CD's which are easily transferred onto athletes' computers and phones allowing for quick access to all material during the many hours of travel to and from sporting events. Parents are encouraged to view these videos with their sons or daughters and to process the material together. Furthermore, coaches are invited to share this material with their whole team on a weekly basis, in the locker room, on the bus ride, or whenever time presents itself.

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